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2006: A new dawn

I intend to make this a very active year. I've almost cleaned up the messes from 2004/2005 and now want to make up the time.

First things first... EG2006 isn't done yet. I've begun using Flash for navigation, and that top menu needs to be souped up (doesn't it look like it was designed to have more features?), a similar NAVbar will also be placed on EG Main (where the top bar doesn't appear). Besides Flash, I will also be transitioning to Dreamweaver (finally!!) and expand my efforts to use clean HTML on my pages. I'm also planning to launch in June. The Audio/Video Component Archive will become a MySQL database with PHP pages, where users can enter information about vintage (?) electronics. Wake Up! Pro will enjoy a version 2.1 release, but not before BreadMeter 1.0 and likely not before TermTable 1.0 (after these, work will stop until fall). Finally, in spite of my non-yagi antenna, this should be my most active DX year since 2000. I may even break all of Patchogue's old records!


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