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27s surrounding me

The most visible upgrades for 2009, those involving logo-replacement, are now implemented. Hopefully, the v7ing (anyone remember that term? Didn’t think so…) of the EXIT 9 Page will be done next week during the first of many three-day weekends. Happy New Year, indeed.

Also, Happy Birthday to me… sort of. Due to a decision I made back in June, I de facto turned 27 on Thursday, even though my legal birthday isn’t until July. This is one of the many fallouts of early 2007’s self-discovery thing, which rippled through ’08 and will certainly come up in the Year in Review I haven’t typed yet. At 27, I think I’m getting too old for this. ;-)

I guess, more exactly, that this realignment of my 27th birthday traces to the last one actually celebrated and celebrated in July: numero 25. The 25 Years thing (on this website) not only reminded me how close my birthdate was to the middle of the year (in a week, 27 will be more a more accurate age than 26), but also inspired the “MetaChronology”: a list of all lists that uses chronological order; the former made January 1st more accurate, and the latter made it easier for the list (since calendar years and ages would be synchronized). Let’s also mention a third factor, one of the self-discovery things I decided I liked: chronic anti-conformity. Anyone can increment their age on their birthday… I’ll do something different just because it suits me… you can put social tradition on the same dusty shelf I left my common sense on.

Full circle: we went from version 8 to 27, using my age as the version number. I came up with this a couple of days after the age-increment-date decision, remembering that EG updates already happened on January 1st. Since I’d already settled on the HD/ Personal Site theme in May, I decided that version re-numbering worked well.


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