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Technology is continuously changing. The stuff we have today is a lot different from what we had 15 or 30 years ago, yesterday's top-of-the-line features becoming entry-level as altogether new technologies spring from obscurity to ubiquitousness. I became interested in these trends back when DVD was replacing VHS in the late 90's and, finding nowhere on the internet to learn about the devices of yesteryear, I started my own. It is interesting to see the evolution among brands and between model years, the relationship between budget, performance, and those in the middle. This database was designed to capture these trends and display them at a glance. Beyond my own interest, I hoped this archive would be helpful to those looking for information about old product lines and faded technologies.

This section of egrabow.com is being phased out and will be removed entirely in July 2015. The interactive database has been converted to a series of text files so the data remains available in the meantime. More info on my blog.

These files will be removed from egrabow.com on July 28th!


Entries are sorted by year, brand, and category. The contents of these files are in the public domain and may be used for any purpose. I'll provide the original database and images to anyone interested in starting their own online archive, or adding to an existing one.

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A database of yesteryear's car and home theater equipment.


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