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April showers bring May... Darn! We didn't get any showers!

Just before the major coding for Wake Up! Pro 2.5, I fixed some bugs in the old version and released version 2.1.2 (hey, the Manhattan area code! Fuggedaboudit!)

I got caught up in the Audio/Video Component Archive this last week, which is fine since that's this website's traffic ((((magnet)))). That part of EG is funny, I just feel like building the database up one day, then I get hooked. No worries, I'll make sure it doesn't sidetrack me from the other project: learning spanish. Right now, I'm going through Kenwood Receivers from 1991 up... all categories for Kenwood 1990 and earlier are done (at least considering the information I have on those lines).

The Supra will be on sale next week, just as soon as I have one last cruise to a place I've never been before (southern Collier County). I'm an old romantic when it comes to the road... and I don't know how long it'll be before I find myself driving a vintage sports car again!


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