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As the odometer turns...

Well, I guess I should write something here. Lemmesee...

Monday is the quarter-century mark, I'll be 25 years old. Praise the Lord for bringing me this far, I pray for another good 25 years... wait, double that... no, triple gotta adjust for distant-future life expectancy. I hope you die-hard EG fans (there go those crickets again) are enjoying the monthly 25 Years of Ryan G articles, which put these 25 years into review. I'm having a lot of fun writing them, plus I get to take a stroll down 'memory lane'. In January, I'll wrap the series up with the events of '07 and I will attempt to predict my next 25 years... so I can mention how hilariously inaccurate they were in the 50 Years of Ryan G article coming up in 2032.

Well, maybe I don't plan that far in advance. I'm still held up deciding which hovercar to buy in 2028, anyway.

I decided to tie a lot into this birthday, here's what has been done recently and will be done soon (either by coincidence or intentionally) that I consider 25th Birthday 'upgrades':

  1. Wardrobe (intentionally, see below)
  2. Cavalier (coincidence, but why not think of it as a birthday present to myself, anyway?)
  3. Wake Up! Pro 2.5 (both... beta will be out soon, I promise)
  4. Promotion at Work (keeps fingers crossed cause that would be really great)
  5. Savings account (coincidence, a sudden surge of overtime makes it easier)
  6. Spanish and Lucid Dreaming maybe even LDing in Spanish? (existing projects that got/ will get increased attention)
  7. Online presence (both, EG SP was going away anyway, I just decided to time it around this)
  8. Cell Phone (coincidence, but I txt my peepz dat itz intentional)
  9. Ice Cream cake (definitely intentional... on every birthday!)

This is a good place to talk about the new threads, everything else is addressed in other Front Page postings (hmmm... maybe I should talk about the cake?!?).

I decided to do my first 'apparel upgrade' since high school (when I traded in the jeans for khakis and started wearing a watch regularly), attempting to make my wardrobe more resourceful... more 'Grabow'.

In with the pockets! I prefer to have one, if not two, on my shirt for pens, paper, sunglasses, etc. Cargo pants replaced the khakis, though I can tell you I won't be using the pockets for my PDA or other electronics (after breaking its predecessor in a cargo pant pocket several years ago), but they are useful for less-fragile stuff. All in all, I have 7 or 8 pockets on me now (he he he). After wearing my old work shoes exclusively for the last two years, I decided that I preferred shoes with lots of utility but not the utilitarian look. Steel toe, slip resistant, long lasting... it's the only habit I actually kept from Wendy's. The cell phone was recently re-introduced as well, so lets just count that as an upgrade thing too.

As the odometer rolls on and experiences leave their impressions on my identity, I pray that my life will continue to be fulfilling. We grow every day and I think I'm in pretty good shape at the still young age of 25... the possibilities of the next 25 years seems mind boggling. I don't know where the road of life will take me, but I know the Lord will hook me up with good road music.

'till next time...

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