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Before this quarter-century is up...

As everyone can probably tell by now, I'm making this July 9th more than just another birthday. Heck, I'm not even sure why I'm mile-stoning this year so much... I guess 25 is just a nice age to be. Hopefully I'll feel the same way about 30, 35, 40, etc...

I've decided that I want to reach three goals by July 9th. Wake Up! Pro 2.5 has already been announced (I'm making a quick stop at BreadMeter 1.0.2 to warm up... I haven't coded much since Office Depot sapped my free time last summer!). The second goal is to become about as proficient with the spanish language as I was with french (which shouldn't be hard 'cause I didn't get that far!). Third is to get back into lucid dreaming (like I got anything better to do when I'm sleeping?)... I never really stopped trying, just stopped trying as hard. Wake Up! Pro will actually tie into the third goal... and if I end up dreaming in spanish I'll *know* I'm on the right path!

Some other fun pre-25th B-day stuff... the Supra isn't expected to stay on that long, I've set April 25th (this instance of the number 25 was coincidental) as the day my new car search goes from passive to active. I'm thinking about another Toyota... one from this millenium! The monthly articles will continue throughout the year. BreadMeter is getting a revision and some more work may be done on EG. That's all for goals and plans, there will certainly be some other pre-25 events I didn't write on the calendar... already this year I had a fender bender, discovered my 'overexcitability' (which domino-effected through my whole identity), and explored a job opening in Tallahassee... none of which was planned but was significant. 107 days to go...


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