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Big Pile of Model Number$

Audio/Video Component Archive MKIII

Since the Audio/Video Component Archive relaunched this year I've been adding and revising HiFi listings at a reasonably good pace, considering the time I can spend on it. I've also been making a steady stream of improvements to its operating code. And this week I got my first check for eBay ad revenue: a far cry from "quit your job" money, but enough to give me hope for future supplimental income.

Before I can really promote the AVCA I need to do something about those enormous coverage gaps, which have been nagging me for as long as the AVCA has really been a database (since 2006, really). Until now I've had three options:

But last week I tweaked things to allow a fourth option:

The changes were more involved than I make it sound. Basically "List View" now functions much differently and allows a catalog-pictures-descriptions AVCA to also work as a sortable list of model numbers. (Still more useful than many of the other HiFi sites I see, which vomit out model numbers with little-to-no-effort at sorting.) This will make the process of closing gaps a lot faster and less stressful for me.

The amount of information on the internet has exploded over the last several years. Instead of the slow path: two weeks working on complete descriptions for Sony's 1993 Home Audio Products , for instance, I'm now rummaging through dozens of new sources and rapidly throwing together "this year had these model numbers." Insert into database and repeat. With just a minute of work, a model number will have a database ID which I can use to attach notes and links and pictures to as I go... making it easy to write in a description later.

Traffic on the AVCA is picking up nicely, and hopefully more ad revenue will make self-supporting. If you use it, please leave me some comments .


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