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Caffeine version 3/RC

I haven't done much with my novel since March, having focused my attention on finding agents/ publishers. After six months of that, I'm returning to my work on the product itself. It's time for my debut novel to debut.

The "RC" stands for "Release Candidate," as I hope these changes will be the last ones that the novel needs. The original draft was completed last August, with work beginning on the official "First Draft" a few weeks later to fill some holes in the narrative. Early this year, the Second Draft tightened up the writing and better defined the direction the story was trying to take. The second draft was sent to several beta testers across the country and used for samples as I pitched to agents and publishers.

I want the third draft to be the last one, before I find myself making changes for the sake of change. Six months is defintely long enough to re-approach my manuscript with fresh eyes, and I've already identified what parts of version 2 I'm not happy with. With the Lord's help, I should have a novel ready to distribute/sell in a couple of months. Then, in 2010, I'll begin work on my second novel.

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