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Caffeine's First Print Run Is Over

My contract with Splashdown Books has run out. Between this and recent changes to their publishing model I've decided to pull Caffeine's print version from the market. The free non-commercial version remains up on this website and other sources like Scribd. Big thanks to Grace Bridges for publishing me in 2011. :)

I'd like to roll out a new print version for Caffeine before I start shopping my new novel around. That novel, This Falling Eden , has at least a year before it's ready for publisher's eyeballs. The official First Draft has been getting the lion's share of my free time, but it's slow work. Why am I such a glutton for punishment?

Anyway, Caffeine will probably be self-published for the foreseeable future. As such I'll be reformatting the book and will hire an artist to create a slick new cover... once I can free up some money for that.

Here's the link to Caffeine's e-book


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