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Cell Phone long gone, soon the bills will be too...

When the Stuff Page premiered on EG in February 2004, one of my first entries announced that I finally bought a cell phone. This past November, I (involuntarily) re-joined the no-cell-phone club, but decided to keep my old New York number alive since I was just starting to give out my new landline number here in Florida. My two-year contract is now up and the phone number will be no more... not that anyone has called it in two months! On top of that... Verizon Wireless started charging me an extra $3 a month when I asked them to prevent outgoing calls (in case some dishonest person found the phone and started running up the bill), I'm not sure why it costs the company extra money to stop a phone from using minutes, it should actually save it money... what'd they do, change a variable from "True" to "False" in one record in their massive database? How much server space did that take up? Far, farrrrrrrrrrrrr less than all the voicemail space I haven't touched, that $3 charge was bogus.

I will likely get a new cell eventually. But for now, it doesn't seem to be in the budget.  Stupid bills...


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