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Dropping like flies in '07... gotta get more flies

BreadMeter, we (apparently) hardly knew ye...

Due to another crazy shift in how I handle/track my nickels and dimes, I've decided that I will not be using the BreadMeter program anymore. User feedback has been slow and page traffic light, so I am dropping support for the program (the Audio/Video Component Archive is satisfying my database craving anyway). The installation file and source code are still available at the old location, anyone interested in carrying on the torch is welcome to do so.

BreadMeter is the latest 'abandoned' thing in a very active year for me dropping projects. I officially gave up on repairing my Toyota Supra (Nickname: Eureka) in February, and I got the Cavalier in May. KeyPrint didn't have much of a future without TermTable (dropped last year), so it went away... in fact, I just took its page down today. EG SP became egrabow_NTC. was more trouble than it was worth. Finally, BreadMeter is removed from the table.

Wake Up! Pro remains as my last client-side software. With strong feedback from users and my own continued usage, that program won't be leaving the site anytime soon. Even then, however, version 3.0 is a good year or two away... and will probably be written in a yet unlearned programming language. Oh well, 2.5 is solid enough to hold its ground until then.

By the way, it's not a fluke or bad sign that '07 has been a 'scale it back' year for me. I've been meaning to clear my plate a little, since I tend to fill it up too much anyway. The Supra (Eureka) got replaced by the Cavalier (Alacrity), EG SP isn't really gone - it's just in a different form now, and I still build websites - I'm just not advertising or keeping it formal anymore. And, as you may have seen in today's other post, at least one new project did come out of '07!


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