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EG2007 Plans

Ahhh... fall. Leaves falling, temperatures cooling... (oh yeah, this is Florida). Well, it's still that special time of year where I take the existing look of, think "Man, I thought that looked good???", and proceed to totally re-write the laws of EG-Physics. EG2007 will inherit a lot of design from versions 6 and 6.5. Unfortunately, implementation of 6.5 was soon followed by fourth job (1= FT Waterman Broadcasting / 2= Office Depot / 3= Volunteer @ Church's media dept. / 4= Build websites & fix computers). My idea of "free time" in August was checking my mail and (maybe) sleeping, there weren't enough scraps left to smooth out certain problems with 6.5's flash NAVbar or to update the TIS regularly. Much of that time has returned at this point, and I look forward to restoring my 5am sleep schedule in December when Job #2 disappears into my personal history book.

Regardless of how much I'm getting to use version 6.5, some aspects of it are here to stay. Here's 2007's early drawing board:

Flash   Not all it's cracked up to be? We'll see about that.

Flash NAVigation was introduced at the beginning of this year and expanded in July. While I'm happy with it in many ways so far, Flash is turning out to be a pain to learn and implement. HTML, VB and (especially) PHP had learning curves, complete with frustration, and I expected nothing less from Actionscript. Unfortunately, my progress has been limited trying to get code into the animations and making it do what I want. I see great, functional animations on websites all the time... obviously, I should be able to get over this brick wall. I ordered a book on Actionscript, since the book I already have doesn't go very far into it. My success with coding Flash will determine how much or little of it I'll use next year. JavaScript, anyone?  EG's cash cow?

This is what Office Depot will give way to... except I don't have to get up at 7am to build websites. Now that "" actually goes to EG's FreeFolder Page, advertising will be much easier... I'm not sure what I was smoking two years ago when I bought the name through Verio, since they apparently didn't offer URL forwarding.

EG remains a personal site, but FreeFolder will be the business side of it. The page will include information on my services, screenshots of existing and previous websites, and contact information.

PHP & MySQL everywhere   Maniacal laughter here

It worked for the Audio/Video Component Archive, it'll work for everything else. The biggest difference users will notice in the dynamic webpages will be the URLs: will be (though you'll still be able to simply type in Another advantage will be alternative viewing options, such as the ability to read black text on a white BG (and easy on the graphics) if you're too lame to appreciate my wicked-cool design ;-P

25 Years of Ryan G   Quarter century??? Don't I feel old!

A year-long feature resembling the "a look back" section in the back of some magazine (like the defunct "Video Magazine")


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