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This Falling Eden

This is the official page for my second novel, This Falling Eden (recently renamed from The Day The Rain Came Back). Writing began 6/5/2012 and progress halted in late 2013. As of June 2017 writing has begun again. An offical preview was released when I finished chapter 5, open to people who have already read my first novel, Caffeine .

I haven't released many details about the story yet, but during the first week of writing I posted a clue each day on the novel's Facebook page . These were reposted (with a few additions) in December 2017. The clues were links to various wiki pages:

If you've just found this site and the novel sounds interesting, you might like to try my first novel. This Falling Eden will be a while, but you can start reading Caffeine right now . And for free! Then find out how this new novel is coming along by following me on Twitter .

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