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Escape Velocity


To use a rocket analogy, my checking and savings accounts are firing at full burn. When I first attempted to make the jump from renting to buying in 2011 I termed the considerable cost of transition its "escape velocity." (And understanding the process and its costs is indeed rocket science.) 2011's effort failed due to the burden of large student loan payments, a problem that would go away just as the housing market began "recovering." Now, in 2016, we'll see if six months of saving was enough to make it over the hump and become my own landlord.

After paying off the big student loan I allowed myself more spending on "non-necessities" for about a year, allowing me to finally update electronics I'd bought with allowance as a teenager. After October's road trip to New England the familiar hammer came down again, and spending will remain tight until after closing and moving. Lord willing there will be a healthy discretionary budget left after I adjust to the new monthly expenses and begin retirement saving at the beginning of next year.

The condo under contract is in North Fort Myers, across the river. If the process continues to go well I'll be posting details here soon enough. In the meantime I'm relishing that my debt is the lowest it's been in 14 years, and lower than I'll see again until I'm in my fifties (Lord willing). Wish me luck!


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