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Four nights, four stations each

Since the move, I've predicted that the 2006 DX season would be my most active in six years. Well, I think that this year has already claimed that title... by early March! Granted, premieres (first time catches with positive IDs) come easy right after a 1,100 mile move, but Florida is delivering them faster than I would have expected in another New York climate. In fact, the DX season hasn't even started yet... DX is typically dead up there, yet I'm already checking for trops and E-Skip regularly (this is Florida DX now!).

What better (and more coincidental) to start the season than four new stations on each of four nights!
Tr 23 WLTV Miami, FL 110 01/01/06 1/1/06|00:25(p9)
Tr 25 WPBF West Palm Beach, FL 99 01/01/06 1/1/06|00:25(p10), 3/4/06|02:00
Tr 29 WFLX West Palm Beach, FL 101 01/01/06 1/1/06|00:25(p11), 3/3/06|00:30
Tr 34 WTVX West Palm Beach, FL 99 01/01/06 1/1/06|00:25(p12), 3/4/06|02:00
Tr 44 WTOG Tampa, FL 90 02/28/06 2/28/06|21:30(p17), 3/4/06|02:00
Tr 50 WFTT Tampa, FL 91 02/28/06 2/28/06|21:30(p15), 3/4/06|02:00(t)
Tr 62 WVEA Tampa, FL 90 02/28/06 2/28/06|21:30(p16), 3/4/06|02:00(t)
Tr 66 WXPX Bradenton, FL 59 02/28/06 2/28/06|23:59(p18), 3/4/06|02:00(t)
Tr 07 WSVN Miami, FL 111 03/03/06 3/3/06|00:30(p19), 3/4/06|02:00
Tr 12 WPEC West Palm Beach, FL 103 03/03/06 3/3/06|00:30(p20), 3/4/06|02:00
Tr 17 WLRN Miami, FL 111 03/03/06 3/3/06|02:00(p22), 3/4/06|02:00(t)
Tr 39 WBZL Miami, FL 110 03/03/06 3/3/06|00:30(p21), 3/4/06|02:00
Tr 02 WPBT Miami, FL 111 03/04/06 3/4/06|02:00(p23)
Tr 04 WFOR Miami, FL 110 03/04/06 3/4/06|02:00(p24)
Tr 38 WTTA Tampa, FL 91 03/04/06 2/28/06|21:30(t), 3/4/06|02:00(p25)
Tr 51 WSCV Miami, FL 111 03/04/06 3/4/06|02:00(p26)

Aiding me in my quest for TV-band domination is my new antenna: an old antenna on top of a 10' PVC pipe. This is a simple first step which will doubtless lead me to a new yagi and telescoping (still PVC) mast. It's times like this I'm glad my balcony isn't screened in. So far I've logged almost all of the full-power stations in Tampa and West Palm Beach, with Miami catching up. I expect Orlando sometime in the next several weeks, and points well beyond as the season continues to unfold. In preparation, I've designed a new 1500-mile map, which is up here . And here's a link to the DX Page. 73s


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