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After months of thinking it over, I've decided to dump my service,, on October 1st.

Back in the unfortunate days of my New York job search, web design outside of was one of the few things that seemed to be going right. It started with, which remains by far the biggest site I'd done commercially, then spread out into two more and plenty of leads. Friends of mine were also referring me to people to fix their computers. Unfortunately, things dried up after several months... leads kept coming but kept leading to dead ends and what I did have became too repetitive. By the time I moved to Florida, I asked myself if I was endangering my side job... but there wasn't enough of the side job left to worry much about. Leads came in Florida, too, but also went nowhere... then fell victim to typical radio conglomerate BS and I lost the site that was essentially the core of

Money at the station picked up slowly but surely and I didn't like the prospect of advertising to total strangers (having given that thought while working at Office Depot - a good opportunity to have flyers and stuff made with my employee discount). Online, the page was greatly improved in '06 and made more prominent on this site in '07, but to no avail. I will still be available for web design and the other things listed on the page, just without the name or formalities that went with it. Two years after the move, the name has become kind of a downer for me, anyway. Due to its only success being back in the '04/'05 job search, I ended up associating it with that depressing period of my life... and I've come to think that it's not my path in life.


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