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From Beta to Bluetooth

Audio/Video Component Archive MKIII

As my website's more astute visitors will agree, almost all of my work on during the last year has been work on the Audio/Video Component Archive . With the novel soaking up my days off, and the AVCA getting a nice chunk of my downtime (I have a goal to meet by May 2020), there hasn't been much to write these long posts about. DXing has slipped down the priority list and, while I'm about to post a new bandscan video, it's the first in over a year. Something new is in the works that'll get the blog treatment, but I'm not going public with it yet. ;)

The AVCA, in a former life (2011-2013), had the goal to span from "Beta to Blu-ray". When I brought it back in 2017 I switched to "from whenever to the present", from the earliest Sony equipment I could find to the stuff listed on today. But HiFi before 1976 is pretty foreign to me (I haven't touched an LP since I was a kid) and I decided Betamax had been a pretty good starting point after all. On the other end, Blu-ray - the last major A/V format before streaming ate everything - doesn't seem to cut it for "the present" anymore. Bluetooth is still a big deal, though, as a way for people to stream from their phones to their HiFi gear.

I've removed the paltry listings from before 1976 and adopted "From Beta to Bluetooth" as my modus operandi. Bluetooth (rather than Blu-ray) indicates that the AVCA's coverage is continuing past the end of physical media, into the world of HiFi devices built for streaming. Actually putting all that data in is an ongoing process. :)


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