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Gulf Tropo RULES!!!!!!!!!

Furthest Tropo at this QTH...
Broken three times in one night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I nearly fell out of my chair when a weak channel 54 IDed as "UPN New Orleans"! A mere 102 miles short of my Patchogue, NY Tropo record! (then throw in WAPT in Jackson, MS, only got enough for a tentative logging before it completely faded! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!) Oh well, more where that came from hahahahaha!

Tr 02 WESH Orlando, FL 167 04/03/06 4/3/06|00:30(p27) New QTH Record
Tr 09 WFTV Orlando, FL 148 04/03/06 4/3/06|00:30(p28)
Tr 13 WMBB Panama City, FL 338 04/03/06 4/3/06|01:00(p31) Another QTH Record!
Tr 27 WRDQ Orlando, FL 129 04/03/06 4/3/06|00:30(p29)
Tr 32 WMOR Lakeland, FL 88 04/03/06 4/3/06|00:30(p30)
Tr 51 WOGX Ocala, FL 194 04/03/06 4/3/06|01:30(p32)
Tr 54 WUPL Slidell, LA 552 04/03/06 4/3/06|02:00(p34) Broken Again! QTH Record
Tr 55 WBPG Gulf Shores, AL 446 04/03/06 4/3/06|02:30(p35)
Tr 56 WFSG Panama City, FL 360 04/03/06 4/3/06|01:30(p33)
Tr 16 WAPT Jackson, MS 642 - 4/3/06|02:20(t) (t)s only
Tr 21 WTCE West Palm Beach, FL 110 - 4/3/06|00:30(t) (t)s only


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