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Happy Ionosphere Day!

Exactly 10 years ago tonight and 1,100 miles from where I'm sitting now... I was blown out of my mind.

On June 11, 1996, during prime time, I remember, WESH 02 became my first ever e-skip catch. This event is covered in my "How I Started DXing" article (DX Page) if you'd like to read up. The screenshot on the left, BTW, is from 5/4/00 (although I saw WESH from Patchogue, NY frequently... that was the only time I thought to tape it!).

This is the first year I'm celebrating Ionosphere Day. I had tropo catches from 1995 but my recordkeeping was poor then, but when I noticed that my epic WESH reception was coming up on 10 years, I knew where my DXing holiday should go! Ionosphere Day (June 11) joins EG Day (January 1) and Asphalt Day (October 23) as days when I celebrate DXing, web mastering, and driving.


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