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I Hate Short Hair

Limited Time Only

I always said the one thing I miss from working at Wendy's was the free food. This was before I worried so much about fat/calories/sodium. But ten years ago I saw my weight and blood pressure rising and decided to reign my diet in.

So what does this have to do with shaving my hair, or my hatred of the buzzed look? After various attempts to limit my fast food consumption (with varying success) or to healthy-it-up I've finally decided on the nuclear option... all fast food has to go. If I slip on that commitment the hair gets a fresh buzz. If I manage to stay out of BK/McDs/etc for the three months my hair takes to grow back, I count it as a win and go back to the regular haircut.

Until recently I wasn't even considering cutting all fast food, but I've heard that people trying to quit smoking have greater success when moving to a new house (since the change of environment breaks all your "I need a smoke" cues). That means I have an opportunity now that won't come again anytime soon. Fast food and soda are my smoking. Since fast food props up the soda habit and not the reverse, and trying to do both at once decreases my chance of success, I'm focusing on the former. However by limiting myself to cans (not Big Gulps) I still expect rapid progress on the soda front. It helps that my soda-cutting effort six years ago did have lasting effect. Even if my weight isn't going down it at least stopped going up. :)

The goal this year is simply to break my long running fast-food habits. In the short term this will actually be a step backward on the fat/calories/sodium front, since carrots and seltzer aren't the strongest lures when my stomach's growling and my mind is filling with excuses why I need caffeine/etc. But once I've changed my mindset from Wendy's to Winn Dixie I hope future improvements in my diet will be much easier to implement.

Update on the new condo soon.


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