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I'm on Twitter!

It was only a matter of time I suppose. :/

I spent the beginning of this month at DragonCon, and among the various topics covered in the writing panels was social media. I've had Facebook and YouTube for a while now, though (with the exception of a short-lived group I created to promote my first novel) neither of these platforms has been geared toward writing. In fact the YouTube channel has gone so far into DXing territory I've stopped posting videos about anything else. I wonder what I'll do with the book trailer for This Falling Eden. Maybe I won't need to make one. :P

Eight years ago today I finished Caffeine , and I chose this occasion to put the advice on social media into practice. Today I brought back the Facebook Group "DOOM Is A Lie" (named for something Aether says in Caffeine). Then I signed up for Twitter under the handle @RealRyanGrabow. This is my first time using Twitter and my account there will be used solely for my writing career. What I'll do first with it is follow some of my favorite authors to see how they use the platform. If someone tweets something I like I'll retweet it and hopefully pick up some followers in my own right. Then... Global Domination! (or you know... we'll see how it goes)

So here's the link: . I like the implication that the other Ryan Grabow isn't "real," LOL. A Twitter button has also been added to's navigation bar, and the Facebook button now goes to the author page instead of my personal one. I'll still be using Facebook as I always have (sparingly), but I'll be perusing content for the DOOM Is A Lie group.

How far will this go? Should I join Instagram now? A Snapchat? A Pintrest? A Tinder? Well, no matter how many platforms I sign up for my heart will always be here on :D


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