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Late '07 Stuff

I just put up the December edition of 25 Years of Ryan G last night. There will be one more article to wrap up the series, which I'll put up right after EG2008 is rolled out... and I'll probably make a big deal out of it as I did in July.

Wake Up! Pro 2.5 seems to be doing well, the Traffic Information System reports that 11.9% of EG's trackable activity is on that page. The Audio/Video Component Archive is also doing well, I've been adding more information to the database over the last couple of months and now almost all of the info I have on Kenwood stuff 1994 or earlier has been added. Once Kenwood is done up to 2002, I'll switch to a less-covered brand (Sherwood?) and then to the ever-popular Sony... which should take as long as Kenwood did if not longer! Still, user input is always welcome. By the time all the brands are covered up to their 2002 lines, the 2015 stuff will be on clearance racks! Sheesh, I still don't have any DVD Player coverage...

A better digital camera should mean nicer graphics for the EG2008 stuff. I expect it to hit on time (Jan. 1) and that it won't mean any radical changes from EG2007 (which was radical enough for 5 years!). Later.


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