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Less trips to the mechanic (probably), more loan payments (definitely)

After about 8 days of car shopping, I ended up in an '03 Chevy Cavalier. Sure, I'll miss the power everything from the Supra (what of it still worked, anyway), but not having to use a wire to start it! I'll definitely miss the zero-dollar-a-month payments from the LeBaron and Supra, but I'll be praying that lower maintenance bills make up for that.

Since I'm such a statistics-nut, here's a few off the top of my head:

Car #3... by far the newest one (4 years old || runner up: LeBaron at 11 years)
...has by far the fewest miles (26K || runner up: the LeBaron again at 119K) my first car that isn't dark red my first GM car (hope that doesn't end up being a bad thing) my first car with working A/C
...was the first to not need new parts before I could safely drive it    ;-) my first financed car (why clutter the file cabinet with car titles when I could have payment stubs?)
...was the first car I got outside of New York my first car without battery and oil pressure gagues (the temp gague is more fun to watch, anyway)
...has the smallest engine yet (2.2 liter || runner up: LeBaron with a 2.5) the first car that didn't come with a Kenwood stereo head-unit (gonna have to fix that)

and, last but not least, Car #3... the first car with a cupholder that takes those HUGE Taco Bell cups!!! (gonna get some mileage out of that)


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