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March 2018 Updates

This weekend I began writing the last part of This Falling Eden (the novel is divided into three parts) and I hope to have it ready for test readers sometime around September. I feel the Lord blessing me in this and am very happy with how the novel is turning out. Given its false starts over the years I'll be really happy to see this work completed.

Work is also continuing on the Audio/Video Component Archive . Sony recievers from the mid-2000s are being added at a speedy pace. Hopefully by the AVCA's 20th anniversary (May 2020) it will look like a more-or-less complete database. "Look" being the operative word, LOL.

As for DXing I admit I'm barely paying attention to tropo this season. Too little payoff the last few years, although I did log my 100th DTV catch last month. YouTube link here . My channel is about to hit 1,000 subscribers and I'm preparing a special bandscan video for the occasion, but little else is in the works. 2014/15 were very active years on my channel and will remain the high-water mark for the foreseeable future.

Back to the writing process. Subscribe to my Twitter for updates on This Falling Eden.


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