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Meters of Bread, Basics of Visual

Those are the titles I write at 5:42 am

BreadMeter 1.0.2 is out now, it has several fixes (always finding stuff - one of the joys of programming) including a pretty serious one I discovered when I tried to upgrade and use it on my own machine... I loaded my own newly-upgraded copy of BreadMeter and found the data file blank.


Fortunately, I leave the auto backup feature turned on, so I got my $$$ history back. Then I cracked open the installer and asked myself what I was thinking last year... the 1.0.0/1.0.1 installer was blanking out the main file during upgrades! I put a stop to that in 1.0.2. With BreadMeter revised, I can move on to Wake Up! Pro 2.5 .

Car shopping is only two weeks away. Nothing new to report there.

The spanish language learning is moving along swiftly thanks to a Columbian co-worker of mine. I can switch on TeleMundo and make out about half of the words now (as far as what the words mean... I still have to flip frantically through the dictionary for that part of the experience). The goal is to be better with spanish than french (when I was in school, anyway) by July.

Finally, as part of my recent expansion into online message boards, etc. (which the broadband connection facilitates nicely), I've decided to sever from EGrabow Media in late June. Until now, I've basically applied "EGrabow Media" (and before that, "Ryan Grabow Network") to all my work online... whether or not it could be called 'work' in the traditional sense. EG SP will be kaput and the MySpace page will do its own thing under a new name... there will still be links to, of course, but they won't be as prominent. The blog there (which you may be reading right now) won't mirror the Front Page anymore, either, but some posts may still show up in both places.


Oh yeah, and NOOOOOOOOOOOOO DX to report, this season is dead so far.. what gives????


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