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Mid-July Road Work

After the stable release of Wake Up! Pro 2.5, I will finish implementing EG2007 (version 7 of this website). Some pages, notably the About Pages and EGrabow Media, haven't yet been upgraded, and some features were left only halfway through development (Random Page link, TIS Infoboard). In July and August, I'll be updating whatever's left and revisiting the already-upgraded pages to make sure they're up to spec (they can work in GrabowPedia Mode, for instance). The Front Page will get better archive links (since right now there is only one that returns everything back to 2004 - I will add links for each year).

The breakoff date for has been moved back to July 19. I decided a few months ago to expand my internet presence outside of (which nearly everything fell under until now), under a new 'egrabow_NTC' banner. The new NTC stuff will not be part of (except for files I need to upload to the server and use elsewhere) or EGrabow Media... will cease to be EGs 'Satellite Page' and become the main page for egrabow_NTC.

When that stuff is done, the Audio/Video Component Archive will briefly receive my full attention. I'll be redoing the page layouts and adding some information.


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