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More about TermTable

I'm trying not to steer the ship into the iceberg, here. Of course, any die hard EG fans out there (pause to hear crickets... you hear someone in the audience cough) ... ahem... ANY DIE HARD EG FANS OUT THERE (huge applause) thank you thank you... know that I've been trying to unite my software under the TermTable program, a scheduling application designed for recurring tasks. When I began pursuing it, I looked for existing programs and actually didn't find anything with good recurring-task functionality. Last month, I forgot how, I discovered that Microsoft Outlook has what I was looking for all along. This didn't trip me up too much, since it's not a free, open-source program, but then I started running into other programs that can schedule recurring tasks well, also.

I don't think I'll scrap TermTable, but I may need to step back and take a fresh approach to it. The program will need unique features, besides eventually syncing up with Wake Up! Pro , BreadMeter, and CipherDin. Stay Tuned.


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