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More from the old QTH v. new QTH file

After 11 months in Fort Myers, FL, this new location is continuing its rampage on Patchogue's statistics... old Es targets have been caught via Tropo, and today's KYW and WTKR catches braught us to the flip-side of the equation... old NY Tropo becomes new FL E-skip! WCBS, a former local, was logged tentatively last year.

April 3rd's WNPL catch came close to one of Patchogue's records, but until today they've all remained intact. But today, "Shortest E-Skip catch" fell to Fort Myers, with WETP clocking in at only 681 miles (Patchogue's record was WBBM at 763 mi.).

Finally, today was the first to have old Es targets logged as new Es targets: WETP 2*, KOET 3, WSIL 3, KDTN 2*, WKRN 2*, and WCIA 3* (* = tentative for one or both QTHes). I'm looking forward to more e-skip, the season just started!

DX Page - Fort Myers Logs - 1500mile map


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