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New Logbook Begins Today

What once was DX is now my favorite local

The Fort Myers logbook closed at 105 digital TV catches and 461 FM catches, including many from Orlando . They're local stations now, and as of 9:19am (on 9/19/19 - yes, I'm like that) they've offically been entered into the logbook, so Orlando's counter begins at 18 TV and 33 FM stations. The band is crowded here, as expected, so a few more locals (once I've determined they should be classified that way) and many semi-locals will join them in the next few weeks.

My new 25km radius is centered near Border Lake in Seminole County. All stations I catch within this circle can be logged as if I saw/heard it at home. Just like Fort Myers' radius this one is positioned so interesting DX spots fall within it, particularly Gilbert Park in Mount Dora. There are a lot of hills and lakes around there, and hopefully the topography of that park will attenuate Orlando's full-power stations enough to let e-skip through.

We'll see how my first-story apartment fares with tropo and e-skip... I'll get a more DX-friendly place soon enough. I plan to set up a new digital logbook on, but I don't know when I'll have the time to do it. While I'll certainly dig around for AM catches from time to time, I don't have plans to log catches on that band, or weather radio.


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