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Novel #2: Spilled Ink

Next week I plan to begin the research/outline phase of my second novel, titled Spilled Ink. This will not be a sequel to Caffeine (I decided to leave that as a stand-alone novel) or even be in the same genre, though this story will similarly center around the nature of Christianity and be very mind-bendingly "deep." I have also set a zero-preachiness goal (a common complaint about Christian fiction), Lord help me to meet it.

Caffeine was written over two years, consuming all of my free-time at many points. I'm still working to support Caffeine's non-commerical release, and a print-run is still in the cards, so Spilled Ink won't have all my attention right away; there is also work to be done on this website which I've been putting off. Regardless, I'm glad to be starting on this, because ideas are coming into my head so fast now that I can't even keep them organized. That's a sign that it's time to start.

Writing may begin in June. I have no idea when I'll have something ready for beta-testing. I'll release more details about SLK (the official project code) on as I become more certain of them.


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