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Offramps 80-99: Maps & Roads


Of course, I don't spend all of my time on there are many great websites out there with interesting content, great designs, useful resources... throw in a few of my co-workers sites, YouTube channels, and "must visits," and you get a pretty good idea of how I roll on 'net.

As you can see, I tapped deep into my road geekiness for the design of these pages.

NETR Historic Aerials Link 80: NETR Historic Aerials

Pan around old aerial photographs of where you live. See what was there 50 years ago. Link 81:

An online catalog of U.S. Interstate Highways.

AARoads Online Highway Guide Link 82: AARoads Online Highway Guide

Photos and resources to help you plan your travels.

U.S. Highway Ends: Maps and Terminus photos Link 83: U.S. Highway Ends: Maps and Terminus photos

Here you can look stuff up about roads throughout the good 'ol U.S. of A (just don't mention "interstates"). Links to other sites.

Hawaii Highways Link 85: Hawaii Highways

What interests me is the interstate highways, they don't go to any other states! Includes exit lists.

New York Area Roads, Crossings and Exits Link 89E: New York Area Roads, Crossings and Exits

A lot of information about New York area highways, including full histories.

LIRR History (.com) Link 89W: LIRR History (.com)

A site about the Long Island Rail Road, particularly its history. Lots of great photos.

Twelve Mile Circle Link 91: Twelve Mile Circle

A blog exploring geographic oddities. Named for the one defining Delaware's northern border.

eluko79's YouTube Page Link 94: eluko79's YouTube Page

Dashcam videos of various midwestern expressways set to music. Very well produced.

FreewayJim's YouTube Page Link 95: FreewayJim's YouTube Page

Another site for dashcam video of America's highways. A lot of videos here.

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