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Bandscans On The Road

TV Bandscans

I was once a TV Guide collector. Before it mutated into an ordinary magazine (in 2005), different editions were printed for every metro area of the United States. I loved buying them when we went on road trips, comparing the stations in other cities to my local ones in New York, and building a database of distant targets for my DXing hobby .

Well, since there are no varied editions of TV Guide to collect today, and as an adult I can take whatever road trips I please, I've begun collecting bandscans instead! With a laptop and USB tuner I can make HD recordings of any cities' TV stations, even those I'm just driving through, and with a proper portable TV and antenna system I can capture even more. When I stop for the night and can choose the best clips I'll go for station IDs, news opens, and the best local material I can find.

This collection doesn't collect dust in a closet. I edit the clips together and share it with my subscribers on YouTube . (Hey, don't forget to subscribe BTW.) They're scans of the TV band from the lowest RF channel to the highest. The virtual channels, which casual viewers are familiar with, are noted in the graphics. Perhaps your home city is below...

AM/FM/TV Bandscans Playlist

Shown from most recent to oldest. Some have been updated. For "Metropolitan Editions" I used multiple scan locations to capture rural stations I couldn't get in the city.

Akron, OH (via KN8FEL)
  TV 2018

Raleigh, NC
  TV 2017 Metro

Charleston, SC
  TV 2017

Savannah, GA
  TV 2017

Atlanta, GA
  TV 2017

Fort Myers, FL
  TV 2017 Metro
  TV 2014    AM 2014    FM 2014
  TV 2006

Tampa, FL
  TV 2017 Metro
  AM 2015
  TV 2014

Seoul, South Korea (via Chris Kadlec )
  AM 2016

Miami, FL
  TV 2016

New York, NY
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Hartford, CT / Springfield, MA
  TV 2015

Portland, ME
  TV 2015

Patchogue, NY
  TV 2015
  TV 2003

Philadelphia, PA
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD
  TV 2015

Salisbury, MD
  TV 2015

Norfolk, VA
  TV 2015 Metro

Buxton, NC (Outer Banks)
  AM 2015    FM 2015

Macon, GA
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Louisville, KY
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Fort Wayne, IN
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Lima, OH
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Chattanooga, TN
  FM 2015    TV 2015

West Palm Beach, FL
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015 Metro

Jacksonville, FL
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015

Orlando, FL
  AM 2015    FM 2015    TV 2015 Metro

Key West, FL
  AM 2014    FM 2014    TV 2014

Gainesville/ Ocala, FL
  AM 2014    FM 2014    TV 2014

Tallahassee, FL
  AM 2014    FM 2014    TV 2014

Victoria, BC
  AM 2014    FM 2014

Juneau/ Sitka/ Ketchikan, AK
  AM&FM 2014

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