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Overtime's baaaaaack!!!!

I think I'm coming out of a long drought. For the last several months, my paychecks have been just enough to cover things (and praise the Lord for what I have)... but a little surplus never hurt anybody and I needz some! June, it seems, will not be a dry month... not for the state of Florida or for my bank account.

OK, consequences... all this extra work is taking a toll on Wake Up! Pro development. The deadline (July 9) is coming up faster than I anticipated and a stable release of version 2.5 just isn't realistic anymore. It seems I've added too much, now I don't have the time to finish coding!!! Sooooo, two changes to the game plan...

  1. Forget the Settings Wizard, I wasn't crazy about it anyway.
  2. Stable release will be later in the month (or in August if the station keeps me busy... no complaints), but a beta still seems feasible on or around the 9th.


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