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Sunday, Sep 26th 

What Grabow's Rambling About Now

I'm now "Florida TV DX" on YouTube 8 MONTHS AGO
Video Stuff #8: TV DXing Goes Mobile! 9 MONTHS AGO
Cutting FM DX Loose 1 YEAR AGO
to Blu-ray 1 YEAR AGO
Update on This Falling Eden 2 YEARS AGO

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About This Site

EGrabow HD is my home on the internet: serving as soap box, digital distribution center, and creative outlet. This is a place to express myself. If I like a design, have an opinion, or just want to play around... this website is where I can place it, post it, try it, whatever.

"HD" stands for "High Definition," but not in the HDTV/ consumer electronics sense. I've had this website since 2001, and in the time I've been here I've gone from teen to adult, New Yorker to Floridian, become a more spiritual person, and even discovered a desire for writing fiction. I've learned more about the man I am... as if becoming higher-definition myself. With reflecting this journey it was appropriate to give it the "HD" title. Besides, I like the branding.

New stuff is always popping up here... don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I could do to make it better.

God Bless America God Bless Florida EGRABOW.COM's main sponsor... God

Grabow's Latest YouTube Video

A Sample From My Novel

Aether didn't want to be an enemy, but the dumb sentrai couldn't see that. It only knew what it was programmed to do. I realized the malvirai wouldn't get to choose; eventually she would have to fight and, if her smooth and effortless dodges hinted at anything, I didn't expect the sentrai would last very long against the class A3.

The thought wasn't so comforting when one of the sentrai's attacks deflected dangerously close to my data space. A good chunk of the construct's operating code had simply been deleted. I tried to move. Then, one of the lightning attacks fired in my direction - the sentrai having made me its target. I dodged the attack, feeling the shocks of fizzling HNADC connectors nearby.

Aether made her first attack, damaging the module or appendage or whatever the sentrai used to attack me. It was a minor hit, meant to keep the heat on her. In spite of her attempts to cancel them out, some of the sentrai's attacks were deflecting onto the construct's modules. Everything I knew about computers said the operating code could only take so much corruption. I moved near to Scott's energy, not knowing what I could do to protect him. Since he was moving in harmony with the construct's energy, if an attack came toward him, I thought, I couldn't help him dodge it. I wondered how badly I could get hurt, thinking if I took a hit for Scott my real body might not be affected.

Small shocks, vibrations, began coming though the connectors. The sentrai was attacking the construct itself - some part of it that was connected to everything. Aether attempted to deflect the attacks, but could not control where they ended up going. She finally went for the offensive.

A pulse shot out from her and seized a portion of the sentrai's energy, whatever it was had a neutralizing effect and its energy pattern began to resemble Aether's more than its own. The sentrai retaliated and managed to scramble part of Aether's energy. I moved fast to prevent the weakening connectors from bringing down the Nova Deck and its inhabitant. I wasn't even sure how I'd done it. It was as if thinking about strengthening or energizing something either gave me the knowledge or caused it to happen on its own.

The malvirai still held back, still refused to give in to her devilish programming; but her benevolent will could not withstand what the sentrai did next.

Caffeine, Chapter 10

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