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Project Montclair

This past year has been big on self-discovery (as seen in Front Page posts with titles like 'Overexcitable? Moi?', 'Zodiac pwned!', 'Roads not travelled', and 'As the odometer turns...' - along with the whole '25 Years of Ryan G' franchise) and, among all the soul search action, I've rediscovered the avid reader in me... as well as the avid writer. In my freshman year of college, my english professor ("Professor of English") assigned us The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster, and the puzzling meta-fictional book made me feel like writing a novel myself.

Then, eer..., stuff came up. Jobs, internships, finals, saving the world by night, and so on...

Anyway, in the course of events outlined under 'From Star Trek to Shortwave to Dragon Slaying' (just do a search for that, it's in the 2007 'Zodiac pwned!' post), I brought my writing itch back to the surface. I sifted through my ideas and am now working on my first one (involves computer virus!). I'm praying a lot about this decision and your prayers are always welcome, too. The genre I seem to be gravitating toward is Christian Science Fiction or Christian Science Fantasy. Updates will be posted here and new pages will eventually be added to EG for what I write. As I better discover my own tastes, I'll probably also put up lists of other people's work (a "what I'm reading" sort of thing). l8r


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