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Farthest East

Me standing on the 70th line of longitude. The turnaround behind me (really hard to see) is the farthest east I've ever been.

This years generous gas budget has been thrown at my third major road trip of 2015, and the longest to date: all the way to Portland, Maine. This was another of my autumn trips to New York with something extra thrown in. I haven't been to New England since 1996, and have never driven in its six states. Now I have that achievement. And since last years trip to Alaska set the bar for farthest north and west I'd ever been, and my drive to Key West then set the bar for farthest south, this was my opportunity to go the farthest east: the 70th line of longitude to be precise, just outside of Brunswick, Maine. This is also the farthest north I'd ever driven.

Of course the DXing gear was with me, even the Sony HD radio. I tried to DX longwave signals from Europe while I was in Maine (the closest to Europe I'd ever been), but conditions weren't good enough. Even Canada wasn't so hot, since they've been shutting off a lot of their AM signals. Nevertheless I have a nice haul of bandscans from this trip that will be going to YouTube over the next couple months.

Now that road trips are momentarily out of my system I need to turn my bank account toward the purchase of a condo next year, so 2016 won't involve much travel or bandscanning. I will be creating an "On The Road" page early next year to feature the bandscans I've recorded so far, and the ones to come. I've broken the records for all four cardinal directions, but I intend to break them again in the future!

New England


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