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Sunday, April 05, 2020 

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About This Site

EGrabow HD is my home on the internet: serving as soap box, digital distribution center, and creative outlet. This is a place to express myself. If I like a design, have an opinion, or just want to play around... this website is where I can place it, post it, try it, whatever.

"HD" stands for "High Definition," but not in the HDTV/ consumer electronics sense. I've had this website since 2001, and in the time I've been here I've gone from teen to adult, New Yorker to Floridian, become a more spiritual person, and even discovered a desire for writing fiction. I've learned more about the man I am... as if becoming higher-definition myself. With reflecting this journey it was appropriate to give it the "HD" title. Besides, I like the branding.

New stuff is always popping up here... don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I could do to make it better.

God Bless America God Bless Florida EGRABOW.COM's main sponsor... God

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A Sample From My Novel

"Can I ask you something?" I responded through the pain.

"Sure... You all right?"

"Yeah, fine. Look, if you believed God asked you to do something for someone, how far should you go?"

"I guess the saying 'through hell and high water' would apply. If God puts a call on your life, nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of answering it."

"And what if it was bad for you?"

He put his hand on my shoulder. "Brandon, the Lord doesn't ask for what's bad for you. We may not always understand the benefit, or see the good in it at all. There may be pain and sacrifice, and many even lose their freedom or their lives, but, if your trust and your focus is on God, it will always bring about something great."

Something beyond his words brought me back to my courage, reminding me not to be afraid. I knew I was still on the right path, and decided I would stay on it.

The headache faded a little.

The Bluefish Room was lit in patterns of silver, blue and gold, with images of the Jesus Cross along the walls. A few people were on its large stage, tweaking an aire panel to affect the sound of the drums. One of them looked familiar. I couldn't believe my eyes, thinking it might've been some vanitar-trick.

"Tell me that's the drummer from Eleven Under."

"Yeah, they're performing here tomorrow."

"In a church?" I looked at Tom to make sure he was joking. "Eleven Under is a Christian Sledg-ek band?"

"You ever read the lyrics, mate?"

Caffeine, Chapter 13

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