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Waste of a perfectly good domain name

I recently saw an ad in PC Magazine for cheap .US domain name registration, I thought I'd give it a shot. Now, this isn't about the service... I never started using it. What I'm venting about is the name RGN-dot-whatever. As I've mentioned before, RGN.COM is a name I've tried for as it goes well with "Ryan Grabow Network", and is also a lot shorter than (of course I like the name I have, but I wouldn't mind having more). is a very prestigious spot on the information superhighway, simply because the name is so short and is cohesive (unlike, say, - which I just checked and of course is taken). It's only natural that people would go and buy "" before they settled for "", and I don't mind that,,, and are all taken... what I mind is that THIS REALLY GREAT NAME IS BEING WASTED!!

Hmmm, let's see here... when I first checked years ago, the name was taken by a company called eurocall, the site was a duplicate of "" and for the life of me I can't figure out what "Eurocall" has to do with anything called "RGN". Forget about, it instantly redirects you to, which is no longer's evil twin... but a dot. YEAH, A STINKIN' DOT!!! White page... black dot... rigggggghhhhhhhttttttttttt

Things get exciting if you click on the dot (it's a hyperlink), the link goes to, which, again, doesn't appear to have *ANYTHING* to do with "RGN"! Now let's try useless Search Results, horray! And as for which I just tried last week after I saw the ad for .US names... Code 403 FORBIDDEN! Very elegant, guys... at least gave me a hyperdot.


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