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Saturday, April 20, 2019 

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About This Site

EGrabow HD is my home on the internet: serving as soap box, digital distribution center, and creative outlet. This is a place to express myself. If I like a design, have an opinion, or just want to play around... this website is where I can place it, post it, try it, whatever.

"HD" stands for "High Definition," but not in the HDTV/ consumer electronics sense. I've had this website since 2001, and in the time I've been here I've gone from teen to adult, New Yorker to Floridian, become a more spiritual person, and even discovered a desire for writing fiction. I've learned more about the man I am... as if becoming higher-definition myself. With reflecting this journey it was appropriate to give it the "HD" title. Besides, I like the branding.

New stuff is always popping up here... don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I could do to make it better.

God Bless America God Bless Florida EGRABOW.COM's main sponsor... God

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A Sample From My Novel

I turned from my associate and addressed the room. "Well, looks like I'm a good king! I spared the life of an enemy and demonstrated I'm a friend of the people, so let's call it an experiment! What's next?"

There was no response.

"Well, to bed it is... I guess."

After a short trip down my wide and elaborate hallway, Sir Clarke opened the golden double doors to my sleeping chambers, stopping suddenly as he saw a tall and elegant brunette inside.

"Forgive me, my queen. I did not mean to barge in," the man said, bowing with his hand still on the door handle.

"Quite all right, Sir Clarke," the woman replied. "You have brought me my king and that is all that matters."

The man quickly excused himself and left me with my... eer... wife.

"Uhhh... hello... uh, honey. I don't seem to remember you being at the banquet... but now you're here... so..." The woman closed the door behind me and looked me in the eyes - lustfully. I cursed and bolted across the room, realizing which kind of construct this amai had come from. She chased me playfully and grabbed my arm, throwing me onto the huge silk sheets of the bed.

"Stop!" I shouted, pushing her advancing form off of me.

"Oh come on, don't you love me, King?"

"I won't play into your perversions! I'm in love with another!"

"She's not here. Just live in the moment, Brandon," the surprisingly strong and relentless woman said as she lurched after me and we tumbled onto the floor. I decided I would never forgive the hacker, that I would find a way out if it was the last thing I did. I clawed my way back into the hallway and closed the woman in.

"I'm in love with another," I repeated through labored breaths. "I'm in love..."

Caffeine, Chapter 7

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