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New Logbook Begins Today POSTED SEP 19, 2019
The Fort Myers logbook closed at 105 digital TV catches and 461 FM catches, including many from Orlando . They're local stations now, and as of 9:19am (on 9/19/19 - yes, I'm like that) they've offically been entered into the logbook, so Orlando's counter begins at 18 TV and 33 FM stations. The band is crowded here, as expected, so a few more locals (once I've determined they should be classified that way) and many semi-locals will join them in the next few weeks. My new 25km radius is cent...

Good Day Orlando POSTED AUG 2, 2019
After fourteen years in Fort Myers, I'm pleased to announce that I'm moving to Orlando and joining the team at Fox 35. WOFL is based in Lake Mary, a little north of the city. I wanted to move to one of Florida's larger metros and grow my career as a director, and with God's help it looks like I found a good place to do that. I've enjoyed my time in Southwest Florida, and working at Waterman Broadcasting has truly been a blessing. As a TV market, I feel that Fort Myers has always punched w...

From Beta to Bluetooth POSTED APR 23, 2019
As my website's more astute visitors will agree, almost all of my work on during the last year has been work on the Audio/Video Component Archive . With the novel soaking up my days off, and the AVCA getting a nice chunk of my downtime (I have a goal to meet by May 2020), there hasn't been much to write these long posts about. DXing has slipped down the priority list and, while I'm about to post a new bandscan video, it's the first in over a year. Something new is in the works tha...

Caffeine's First Print Run Is Over POSTED JAN 19, 2019
My contract with Splashdown Books has run out. Between this and recent changes to their publishing model I've decided to pull Caffeine's print version from the market. The free non-commercial version remains up on this website and other sources like Scribd. Big thanks to Grace Bridges for publishing me in 2011. :) I'd like to roll out a new print version for Caffeine before I start shopping my new novel around. That novel, This Falling Eden , has at least a year before it's ready for publ...

Yup, It's a Trilogy POSTED AUG 25, 2018
Last month I began editing my second novel , This Falling Eden, into its official First Draft. As part of this process I've been shoring up Parts I, II, and III to become Books I, II, and III, making each part more self-contained with their story arcs and minor characters. After editing the prologue and first five scenes - which took longer than expected - I'm estimating a higher word count than before. 160K was already pushing it for a single novel. ;) In light of this length, and my growi...

Rough Draft is Done! (so now what?) POSTED JUL 2, 2018
I'm happy to announce that I completed the Rough Draft of This Falling Eden today. This finished draft of my second novel took just over a year, having begun last June. Some early parts of the novel had originally been written in 2012 and 2013. When I decided to pick up the project again last summer I still felt very good about this book. Praise the Lord! I'm glad I finished it. This novel is longer than Caffeine and can be converted into a trilogy, if publishers prefer it that way. As a nat...

Highlights From My YouTube Channel POSTED APR 14, 2018
The first thousand is always the hardest. This week my YouTube channel got its 1,000th subscriber. "egrabow440" over there goes back to 2009, although there wasn't much activity until my turn to DXing videos in late 2013. To commemorate this milestone let's have a look back at some of my favorite uploads. I've also marked this occasion in my latest bandscan video , which features Akron and is 1,000 seconds long. ;) Fort Myers Radio Stations During Hurricane Irma Since a na...

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