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What Grabow's Rambling About Now

Second Wind for the Second Novel POSTED JUN 28, 2017
After more than three years on the backburner, the outlines, notes, and typescript for my second novel are seeing the light of day again. I've used some vacation days to revise the outline, which I'm very happy with, and I reenter the writing phase this week. The working title had been The Day The Rain Came Back, but now I have changed it to This Falling Eden. The new title seems more literary, and (like Caffeine) is a clever reflection of the novel's contents. (This is the project's third title...

Yaphank Ceremony 2017 POSTED MAY 7, 2017
With this year's drive to Tampa in the bag my '03 Cavalier has seen its last planned road trip. The nice off-lease car from ten years ago has been beaten on by the Florida sun and begun to develop mechanical problems. My first two cars could get away with that, but I'd like to trade this one in while I still remember it being nice. ;) Cue my traditional "Yaphank Ceremony," named for the first place I ever drove just because I'd never been there before, a celebration of the fr...

Finally, Some "Real" DX POSTED APR 30, 2017
Well it's not much, but it's the first "real" DX I've had in this condo. I was seriously starting to worry. :\ Loggings For Apr 29, 2017 Date/TimeChCallsCitykmkWVideoNotesApr 29, 2017 01:40 Tr101.7WAVFHanahan, SC723100.0 "Chuck FM"Apr 29, 2017 01:40 Tr104.5WRFQMount Pleasant, SC723100.0 rock, "Q 104.5"Apr 29, 2017 02:00 Tr88.5WMFLFlorida City, FL2107.7 religious, "Family Radio" Here's how a friend of mine did.

Audio/Video Component Archive POSTED MAR 8, 2017
I never walk away from it for long, do I? :D For those new to, my Audio/Video Component Archive (AVCA) used to be a big part of the site. The AVCA was my first online "resource" at a time when I was still deciding what direction to take in. Basically it's a catalog of old electronics, VCRs or CD players from whatever brands and years, meant to highlight how they evolved over time. ("Catalog" doesn't mean I was selling anything, but I was certainl...

Substitute Sangean Radio POSTED JAN 18, 2017
When I got my Sangean ATS-909X there were some concerns about quality control: the earliest shipments of the black models were having problems and getting sent back. By the time I bought mine the 909X had been out a couple of years, with the issues presumably sorted out, and it looked like I got a good one; but after two and a half years my 909X stopped turning on for no apparent reason. I tried all the stuff you're supposed to try. Sending it across the country for repairs would be a hassle (an...

Offramps Page At Last! POSTED JAN 14, 2017
It's been 18 months since this website's last redesign. Some pages took longer than others to adapt to the new light-background-dark-text scheme, and my interactive logbook was built from scratch in that time. Only my Offramps Page - the highway-themed page featuring links to my favorite websites - remains on version 28, and it's had that distinction for a pretty long time now. I knew it wouldn't be an easy page to redesign, but I'm finally getting around to it. Soon I'll be rid of the old Exi...

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