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Road Work Complete

I gave the Exit 9 Page a long overdue update this week. This would be the highway themed page linking to my favorite sites on the internet. Links change, I discover new sites and sometimes they go away. I should really update this page more than once every three years. :)

2013 brings many new links to the page, each with their own "interchange" number. Here are some of the highlights:

[Link 3] 3 Count Radio: Wrestling & Shenanigans
A wrestling podcast a few of my co-workers do every week. Replaced the "What is Brad Anderson eating?" Facebook page, but it's cool because Brad's one of the shows hosts.

[Link 45] GIMP: The GNU Image Manipulation Program
My main image editor, used for most of the graphics on this website. Maybe not as powerful as Photoshop, but for most applications I don't miss it. There was a learning curve when switching, though.

[Link 141] Goodreads (.com)
A good site for us bibliophiles. Caffeine seems to get the best reviews here.

[Links 161 N-S]
Confused Matthew
SF Debris: Science Fiction Reviews and More

Two good sites for reviews of Star Trek movies and TV episodes, among other sci-fi franchises. Sometimes they team up on reviews. (videos are hosted by

[Link 255] Worldwide TV-FM DX Association
I rejoined the TV DX club last year. Naturally, their site rejoins the Exit 9 Page as well.

[Link 439] Twelve Mile Circle
A blog for people interested in geographic oddities, exclaves, border jogs, state high points, etc. (I should know about the last one, Florida has the lowest of the 50, LOL)

[Link 461] eluko's YouTube Page
One of my newest finds. YouTube has plenty of dashcam videos that allow you to tour the world's highways, but these are nicely produced.

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