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Roads not travelled (at least not yet)

I just had an unexpected career moment. They were bound to start sooner or later.

I don't intend to go into too much detail, but a directing job opened up in Tallahassee that I had a good chance of getting. The catch was that, unlike the "traditional" directing jobs at Waterman, my job would be directing on a ParkerVision system. No one wrote a WikiPedia article for me to link to here, so I'll just say that ParkerVision is an automation system which puts most of the aspects of production (audio, switching, moving cameras, etc...) directly into one person's hands. Last week, I took the opportunity to drive up there (800 mile round trip) and see this system in action, plus (of course) conduct the interview and meet the staff.

Let's step back for a second, my career isn't something I've posted much about lately...

I started at Waterman Broadcasting (WBBH/WZVN) in August '05. This production assistant spot, combined with an increasing role in church's media department, allowed my first year in Florida to make up for my crummy last year in New York. After a year, I considered the standard P.A. duties conquered and began on my next move... director.

Directing won't be easy, nor should it be. I ask for advice, seek out problems that might impede my development as a director, and try to change my whole mindset on the job. Wall-to-wall positive feedback, but no title. The openings dried up, more months go by than I anticipated, then Cameron tells me that there's an opening at his old station.

Was I at the point where I would actively look in other markets? No. But this option had to be explored... at the very least I wanted to learn more about the automation system being set up in stations all over the country... stations I might be applying to whenever I decide to "market hop". At any rate, the ParkerVision system is definitely something I can wrap my head around, I can say that much for it.

After some thought and prayer, I decided that I still have a good thing going in Fort Myers... the title will likely come soon, after all, and then I get the traditional experience. If the opportunity doesn't come, on the other hand, then I'll consider market hopping... to a ParkerVision station or a traditional one. ParkerVision (now called Ignite) will still be there and smaller markets may hold just what I'll need. This isn't a roll of the dice, it's a fork in the road... I just need to give it to God so he will give me what I need to make the right decision.


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