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Rumble Strips

Even people who enjoy driving have to admit that road trips get a bit tedious. There are big, flat states. There are long highways with few offramps, where the only lights after dark are those of the other cars. Suddenly... BRRRRRR RRRRRR RRRRRR. You slow down as you approach some well-lit plaza: A marker of progress. A transition along your journey.

Probably a toll-booth. Thanks for visiting New Jersey, now pay for it. :)

I've been editing Caffeine for 2 1/2 years, driving a long, flat, tedious road where I go over the same text over and over and over and still manage not to catch certain things. Uggghh. The first draft became the second, the second became the third, and the third became 2009's e-book. Then I got a publisher and more sets of eyes, leading to more passes through the text. This week, I promoted that to-be-final fourth draft from "Beta Version" to "Release Candidate."


So begins my transition away from editing. It's not all final yet, but the border is within sight. "Welcome to the Promotional Stage" says the sign. "Speed Limit 55" says another. I'll ignore that one.

It'll be a cause for celebration when editing is finally behind me. I can finally get my head out of book one and give book two the attention it needs. I can also resume reading others' work, which I avoid while editing my own. Of course, promotions will be a whole different adventure, and we'll see where the highway leads then. The Splashdown release is planned for November 15, and the non-commercial version will be re-released the same day. Updates will be posted here on EGrabow HD and also on the Caffeine IV Facebook Page in the coming weeks.

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