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Second Wind for the Second Novel

After more than three years on the backburner, the outlines, notes, and typescript for my second novel are seeing the light of day again. I've used some vacation days to revise the outline, which I'm very happy with, and I reenter the writing phase this week. The working title had been The Day The Rain Came Back, but now I have changed it to This Falling Eden. The new title seems more literary, and (like Caffeine) is a clever reflection of the novel's contents. (This is the project's third title, actually. The original Spilled Ink belonged to a long-discarded first outline.)

My first novel, Caffeine, was an experiment to see if I could write. This second novel will be an experiment to see if I can sell (alas, one does not easily lead to the other). That means there will be no non-commercial release this time, not for a while at least. Nor will there be regular progress updates on As this novel goes forward, though, I may reestablish a Facebook Group for the novel. The one I had set up for Caffeine is still there in fact, years after I shut it down and Facebook said "you have 30 days to undo this." Social media really does hold onto everything forever.

The novel's page has been updated to reflect the new title. With regular typing every day after work I hope to have the first draft done within a year. May my words glorify Christ in a unique way!


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