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TermTable release goes "TBA"

The scheduling application and main app of "TermTable Suite 2006" has been taken off the board for "stuff I'm gonna release in June." I've gotten a good deal of work done with it, but public release is still a long way off. I've lost the mood for programming, for now. Hey, there's been a lot of progress with the other programs since August, I guess I'm due for a breather.

I was planning to stop and attend to other projects after releasing 1.0 and the Suite 2006 CD, anyway. The plan is to start again in September and release the next generation of programs: TermTable 2.0, Wake Up! Pro 2.5, BreadMeter 2.0, and CipherDin 2.0 by Spring '07. This may still happen. At any rate, I'm not dropping the name "TermTable Suite 2006" just yet... there's still enough 2006 left to get fresh inspiration.

In the meantime, I will be working on,, and this website... among other projects (I'm just busting with 'em ;-)


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