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TermTable Suite project dropped

As soon as I took on programming as a hobby in 2003, I began searching for program ideas. A little slow at first, several came to me by the end of that year and I was soon entertaining the idea of making my own "suite" of programs (kinda like MS Office or Adobe). Wake Up! Pro and KeyPrint got off the ground nicely, but time constraints prevented me from getting too far with PlayEmit, MikeMark, and the half-dozen other programs I had on the drawing board. Most were dropped, BreadMeter (originally "Buxx") proved useful in 2004, then took 18 months to go public. CipherDin was re-invented and considerable time went into TermTable, meant to become the new focus of my suite.

With the second job bringing free time into a fresh (albeit short-lived) drought, I came to take another look at my long term goals. I've decided to scale back my on-again-off-again ambitious programming goals.

I'd like to shift my attention to website features, such as the reborn Audio/Video Component Archive, and to DXing... among other things.


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