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The Book Isn't Cancelled, Just The Rush

Clearly my second novel, The Day The Rain Came Back , is coming along more slowly than I'd hoped. The original release date was December 2012 (LOL), but two near-total rewrites of the story outline made short work of that. Pen went to paper again in June 2012 (or rather fingers went to keyboard, since it's not the 19th century and my handwriting is terrible anyway)... momentum stalled out after a few months, picked up again in mid-2013, and finally drained away by the end of the year. The outline plots out a good story, so it's not that anymore, and I do want to continue writing. The enemies of this project are actually time and confidence. I can't reliably set aside time to focus on the book anymore, a problem that will be difficult to solve while I have two jobs. And Caffeine's tepid reception, while not unexpected for an unknown author's first book, does cast doubt on what I'm writing a second novel for. This lack of certainty makes it harder for me to push through obstacles like time, to make sacrifices and stay motivated as I did with Caffeine. I truly need the Lord's hand in this.

The Day The Rain Came Back is still being written, but I'm not trying to throw deadlines at it anymore. It'll be finished eventually and I'm comfortable with that.

Now onto what is being done. Version M33 of this website is moving forward through its planning stage. This project is related to my writing because EG will be more focused on serving readers of my novels, in addition to that DXing hobby thing I sorta do, and the YouTube channel I've been making a lot of videos for lately. The launch of version M33 is planned for July 10. Hopefully I'll have a preview set up in the weeks beforehand.


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