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The Last Video Stuff: Life After Uhhh

The reasons I created "Video Stuff" (originally approached as a weekly/bi-weekly production) aren't in place anymore. This would explain why the last ep. was almost a year ago!

Nevertheless, I decided to close out the series with style. In VS #6 ("Maybe Next Time"), I said that I may have to move to Florida due to a snail-paced job search. Now that I'm in Florida and things couldn't be better... it's only appropriate that the series end on a happy note!!!

Projects come and projects go, this won't be the last video on EG. Heck, the "Stuff Page" doesn't even exist anymore! When the next big video-related thing hits here, you know where to look... EG Home! (this page)

Watch Video Stuff #7
(918 KB download)


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