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The Party's On Youtube

This New Years will mark 20 years of, founded on the lovely binary date of 01/01/01. There will be some celebration on the site itself. The Audio/Video Component Archive got some new features a few months ago - in honor of its own 20th. I'll do a corner bug and splash page as usual, plus some updates to the History Page . If there's time I'll launch the Interactive Logbook for Orlando and Crystal River.

Inbetween the foundings of AVCA and, though, I got my drivers license. My freedom on the road is the 20th anniversary I'm most eager to celebrate, and road trips to new places always means checking out the radio and TV stations in new places - and posting the bandscans to my Youtube Channel . 2020 was going to be a big trip to Canada - my first time driving there. The pandemic has changed those plans, but it's still the 20th anniversary of my license so I'm still driving somewhere. :)

The party's gonna be on Youtube, with 20 new videos planned for the 20th anniversary:

  1. Local TV Bandscan for Charlotte, NC
  2. TV Translators in Western NC
  3. Local TV Bandscan for Greenville, SC
  4. TV Audio Recordings: 1998 Road Trip to California
  5. TV Audio Recordings: 1999 Road Trip to Niagara Falls
  6. TV Audio Recordings: 1999 Road Trip to Orlando
  7. TV Audio Recordings from Patchogue, NY (1996)
  8. Local TV Bandscan for Patchogue, NY (mostly 1998)
  9. Local TV Bandscan for Fort Myers, FL (2006)
  10. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (Tropo 1996)
  11. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (Tropo 1997)
  12. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (Tropo 1998)
  13. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (Tropo 1999)
  14. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (Tropo 2000s)
  15. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (E-Skip 1990s)
  16. TV DX from Patchogue, NY (E-Skip 2000s)
  17. TV DX from North Massapequa, NY (2005)
  18. TV DX from Fort Myers, FL (Tropo 2006)
  19. TV DX from Fort Myers, FL (Tropo 2008)
  20. TV DX from Fort Myers, FL (E-Skip 2000s)

I'm cleaning up (ahem... "digitally remastering") my old analog TV DX and re-editing it for Youtube. There will be a few clips that weren't in the 2009 (DVD-ripped) compilations. It'll be the most activity on my Youtube channel since 2015. If you haven't checked it out, here's a link . Subscribe to watch these videos when they're up.

Time to pack. :D


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